Concrete Slab Heat Drying Service

Timber floor cupping due to moisture

Timber floor cupping due to moisture

It is vitally important before a timber, laminate or engineered floor is laid that the slab is dried to the manufacturer's recommendations. Our highly trained water restoration technicians will employ targeted heat drying to dry your concrete slab dry so you can get your timber floor down as fast as possible.

Concrete slabs hold large amounts of water and are typically quite cool which leads to long dry times. Failure to comply to the moisture recommendations leads moisture leaking from the slab, through the moisture inhibiting membrane and into the boards. This causes cupping and bowing of the boards as the timber swells with the increased moisture levels. In the the most extreme of cases boards can even lift off the floor, cause damage to the structure as they swell and even grow mould.

Traditional dehumidification drying methods are costly due to the large amount of time they take to finish the job. This is mainly due to inability when used alone to create an environment where concrete will evaporate at a meaningful rate. We employ targeted heat drying to bring the concrete slab efficiently up to a temperature that allows for increased evaporation, quicker dry times and at a reduced cost.

Moisture testing on a bare should involve drilling 40% into the concrete slab and using a highly sensitive and accurate humidity probe to read the relative humidity of the slab according to the ASTM F2420 standard. It is also possible to read with a capacitive test slab from the top down but this should be used along side but this in no instance should be used as a substitute for the in slab humidity test due to inaccuracies in the testing method.

We offer in-situ concrete slab moisture measurement detection services that conform to Australian standards as well as concrete slab drying services. There is no faster way to dry a slab than the direct application of heat with the use of a targeted heat drying system.



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