Please follow these tips if you are experiencing a water loss

We have put this page of tips up to help save your valuables and keep you safe.



  • Take photos before immediately after assessing and dealing with any potential hazards.
  • Clear an unaffected room of any clutter and start to move valuable unaffected belongings to this area including expensive art and paintings hanging on walls.
  • Open your doors and windows and do anything you can to improve air flow.
  • Lift curtains out of the water using coat hangers.
  • Place foil under any wood sitting on wet carpet as it can stain the carpet.
  • Clear drain holes that have potentially been covered with debris.
  • Push any excess water out of the property with a broom.

Do not

  • Do not let anyone who does not show you their IICRC water restoration technician card do work on your property.
  • Do not use an ordinary household vacuum.
  • Do not handle wet electrical equipment.
  • Do not move wet items onto dry carpet as this can leave staining.
  • Do not use any electronics while standing on wet surfaces or concrete.
  • Do not turn lights or ceiling fans on in rooms with wet ceilings.
  • Do not wade through any water you believe to be contaminated with chemicals or sewerage.

If you would like more information please call.

Jonathan Kops - 0433565940


Peter Kops - 0408887876