Wet carpets from your flooding and leak events need to be acted upon quickly. The longer the carpet is wet the more likely it is to become serious health hazard due to dangerous levels mould and bacteria. Spruce Up has the specialist equipment, experience, cleaning products and training designed specifically for reaching the water deep in your carpets, underlay, contents and structure which is a necessary for the rapid drying of your property.

Call us in case of a flood or water leak event for rapid drying, we are available for 24/7 all hours service or use our contact form.


Spruce Up Your Home is an IICRC certified firm servicing your properties both south and north of river in Perth and South West WA. Our technicians have undertaken extensive training to deal with your wet carpet and structural drying requirements:

  • IICRC Water Restoration Certification
  • IICRC Applied Microbial Remediation Certification
  • IICRC Carpet Cleaning Certification
  • IICRC Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning Certification  

IICRC certification in multiple fields, building a construction experience along with our strong ties to the insurance industry puts us in the great position to tackle not only your wet carpet but also structural and contents restoration requirements. Call us in case of a flood or water leak event for rapid drying, we are available for 24/7 all hours service or use our contact form.

If you are experiencing flooding of your carpets we recommend check out our tips section for advice on what to do in this situation. Or read further to read about our full process.

We tackle wet carpets from 4 different angles to assure that the carpet is restored to better than its pre-loss condition. Depending on how wet your carpet has got and how dirty the carpets are some or all of these steps may be required. Rest assured we will walk you through the most cost effective method to restore your carpets back to their pre-loss condition.


  1. Thorough Extraction
  2. Microbial and Stain Treatment
  3. Rapid Drying
  4. Deep Cleaning




A carpet cleaners wand can only extract standing water and water trapped the carpet, this leaving huge amounts of water trapped in your carpet underlay. In order to extract water from the underlay as well as the carpet a water-claw must be used to suck all the water affecting your carpets.

Large waterclaw carpet extractor.

Water requires large sums of energy to go from a liquid to vapour, this makes mechanical water extraction by far the most cost, time and energy efficient method of extracting water from wet carpet leading to much faster dry times.

The water claw was created specifically for the water restoration industry to not only extract water from your carpet but also your underlay as well. With the weight of the technician standing on the waterclaw physically squeezing the water out of the underla, the strong suction of a commercial vacuums and vacuum boosters we can effectively extract 60% more more water from your carpet than what would otherwise be possible by conventional means.


2. Microbial & Stain Treatment

Microbial Growth

Some species of bacteria are able to double in population every 15 minutes. Fungal and bacterial populations explodes in numbers from the moment the water has found its way into your carpet, underlay, sub-floor and building structure. We combat this through the use of an environmentally friendly anti-microbial sanitation agent. This buys precious time in the drying process to assure that mould, fungi and bacteria do not have the chance to take hold in the carpet and underlay in dangerous numbers.

While your carpet is still wet it is also a great time to tackle any staining that might have been caused by the water damage before the stain has had time to dry into your carpet. We take the time to remove and help prevent any staining that might take place caused by water damage. the use of specialty spot cleaners tailored to the type of stain. The carpet can even stain itself, the cellulose in the backing of the carpet can rise to the top of the carpet pile as it dries leaving an ugly brown stain, this is know as cellulosic browning. To prevent this, we also use an anti-browning preventative treatment.


3. Rapid Drying


Wet carpets are a race against time, getting the carpet dry as quickly as possible assures that we beat the race against fungal and bacterial growth. Getting the carpets dry as rapidly as possible is the most the most important step in the process.

Our Water Restoration Technicians have a number of techniques to rapidly dry wet carpet available to them.

Carpets can be top dried with targeted heat drying techniques that place warm cousins of air directing air down into the carpet, this has the advantage of the carpet not needing to be re stretched upon completion of the drying process. Alternatively the carpet can be disengaged from the smooth edge and an air blower can be used to force air under the carpet, this works great when large areas of carpet need to be dried. Sometimes even a combination of these two approaches might be the best for the situation.

Once the water has been evaporated from the carpet and is now in the air we can remove the water through the use of dehumidifiers. Alternatively the water vapor can be removed from the building with our Drymatic II environmental control system. This also has the advantage of warming the structure which drives additional evaporation from carpet.


4. Deep Cleaning

Lego Cleaner

Once the carpet is dry the last step in the process is to give the carpets a good deep clean. We strive ourselves on bringing the carpet to better than its pre loss condition by making sure the carpet gets the proper attention it deserves.

First the carpet is given a good vacuum, about 80% of the dirt in a carpet is dry particulate matter and a high quality vacuum with a powered brush head is the best tool for the job at getting this out. The next step is pre-spray followed by a good thorough agitation with an orbital carpet scrubber, this serves to help agitate the remaining dirt held deep within the carpet pile so that it becomes easily water soluble and ready for hot water extraction. Finally the carpet is thoroughly gone over with a hot water extraction steam cleaning wand which lifts any of the remaining dirt from the carpet, making the carpet look like new again.

The only thing left to do now is dry the carpet for the final time, this anywhere near as an intensive process as getting the carpet dry as after a flooding event. The carpet is ready to put furniture back on and walk on in just a matter of hours.


If your wet carpets are in need of extraction and drying